Sunday, March 17, 2019

Shred, Glorious Shred

It is time for spring cleaning. Not just dusting my desk and bookshelves though.

I have finally waded through the copious university operations document on records retention to determine what in the office filing cabinets needs to be retained. After reading pages of fine print to determine the proper category of records in my office, I am happy to say that I have the answer. All academic advisement records must be retained for five years after the student's final enrollment, graduation, etc.

Given that I have accumulated 15 years of records, there is a lot of glorious shredding going on for the requisite, permissible years. (Of course, we are recycling papers that do not need to be shredded. One day recently we had to borrow a second blue tub to accommodate our dutiful recycling.)

There is finally room in the office filing cabinets and my desk file drawers to accommodate new files and new records! And each subsequent year, we will be able to shred another year's worth of the requisite, permissible papers!

So much freed up space! So much unburdening of stuff! Such jubilation at crawling out from under so much paper!

Now if I can only get myself to do the same thing at home. . . .

(Amy Jarmon)

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