Sunday, February 3, 2019

NY Academic Support Workshop Announcement

Dear ASP friends,

We are pleased to announce this year’s full-day NY Academic Support Workshop, to be held from 9:30 to 5:00 at New York Law School on Friday, April 12th (with informal socializing afterwards). This will be a gathering of academic support professionals and colleagues working actively to learn from one another.  Warm welcome to Rebecca Flanagan of University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth who is joining in the organizing efforts of this year’s workshop. 

As is our usual practice, the afternoon sessions of the workshop will have an open agenda and room to include any subject of interest to those in attendance. The morning sessions will be related to a more specific theme: Ideas and Insights to Assist Part-time Law Students. We intend that topic to consider the needs of part-timers at all stages: as they prepare for law school, work their way through the curriculum, and get ready for the bar and practice.

One thing that makes all ASP gatherings exciting has always been our unique emphasis on collaboration — ASP folks DO things together so that we can learn together. NY Workshop participants work with each other to develop or enhance our individual lessons, materials, presentations, or any other part of our professional endeavors. No one who comes is allowed to be a back-bencher. Participants should be prepared to discuss a problem they are having that others may have struggled with as well, a strategy for dealing with a specific challenge, or a method of teaching or counseling that has helped you work with students. Please let us know what you would like do with your fellow workshop participant, and let us know how we will actively engage all attendees in your portion of the agenda. And if you aren’t certain let us know that too; we are happy to help you brainstorm. Discussions/demonstrations or presentations may be short or extended, depending on content and our own timing. We will send out a finalized workshop agenda when we confirm who will attend and what specific topics the participants plan to address. 

RSVP to Kris and Rebecca at addresses below and cc’d above. Since this is not a formal conference there will be no fee to attend. 

We hope to see many of you soon!

Kris Franklin                                          Rebecca Flanagan

Professor of Law                                    Assistant Professor of Law

New York Law School                           UMass Law

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