Saturday, December 15, 2018

As Silence Descends

Well, it is officially over except for the grades.

Fall 2018 semester at my law school concluded its last day of the second week of exams on Friday.

The building emptied out quickly of all signs of students during the last hours of yesterday afternoon.

The abandoned snacks provided in our forum for students' sustenance were quietly cleared away.

Faculty offices had emptied out the first exam week as most professors decamped for their homes to grade. 

Our floor's coffee pot was consigned to empty as well since too few warm bodies were left to support daily coffee duty.

Administrative staff were rattling around the empty halls all last week.

Next week will be a ghost town except for the administrative staff left to keep the lights on each day.

I will be among them. So many projects on my list for next week!

But then ... the university will shut down for 7 work days for the "festive season" break for staff.

And full silence and peace will settle over the university grounds as we all totter home for rest and recuperation.

Don't you love the end of the semester!

Don't you sometimes wish you were one of those faculty members not due back until mid-January?

Hmmm ... how many vacation days do I have stored up?

(Amy Jarmon)

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