Friday, November 30, 2018

Staying on the Theme of Practice Questions for Exams

The posts on Wednesday and Thursday by Professors Luebbert and Johns gave excellent exam advice and suggestions about practice questions. In case you missed them, the links are: Professor Luebbert Post and Professor Johns Post .

To add to the theme, here are links to some law school or individual professor exams that were not passworded as of noon today.

You need to consider several caveats about these exam sources, however:

  • Some sites list exams by professor and not course, so it takes some patience in finding exams for your courses.
  • Many sites do not include model answers or rubrics with the exam questions.
  • Law schools outside your jurisdiction may test state-specific law for some subjects; you need to decide whether the questions/answers are relevant/correct for your course jurisdiction.
  • Some posted exams are old; you need to decide whether changes in the law make the questions/answers no longer relevant or incorrect.
  • Remember you can always rewrite a question for your jurisdiction or a change in the law if you need to do so.

Good luck with your exams! (Amy Jarmon)

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