Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Guest Blogger Post 1: Louis Schulze

Hello ASP blog readers!  I want to thank Prof. Jarmon and the ASP Blog editors for letting me join in the discussion.  I look forward to posting some hopefully thought-provoking posts, perhaps challenging some pedagogical orthodoxy along the way.  I will be addressing topics mostly focused on the intersection of legal education and the science of learning.  For instance, I will be discussing whether the use of Learning Styles Theory is justified, whether cognitive science suggests that we should abolish law school “supplements,” and how ASP and bar prep faculty can mitigate the degree to which certain aspects of legal education re-entrench privilege. 

I should also acknowledge my colleague Prof. Raul Ruiz.  Prof. Ruiz teaches FIU Law’s bar preparation courses and incorporates in his pedagogy many of the most effective aspects of educational psychology and cognitive science.  His teaching has had an enormous impact on our students’ bar exam success, and his helpful critiques have helped me sharpen the ideas that follow.

Again, my thanks to the Law School Academic Support Blog crew.

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