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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tips for Orientation Week


  1. Practice your one-minute elevator speech to introduce yourself repeatedly to new people you meet.
  1. Realize that your future reputation as a lawyer begins with this week. Your classmates will be your professional colleagues after law school. First impressions matter.
  1. Read carefully all of the Orientation materials so that you are not clueless about dress code, class assignments, computer access, and much more.
  1. Report to sessions promptly with the required materials and ready to learn.
  1. Complete all of your session assignments carefully. These sessions are preparing you for the REAL THING so take them seriously.
  1. Scope out the law school building: your classrooms your library carrel, the student lounge, faculty offices, and study areas.
  1. Spend your evenings getting your non-law-school life sorted: unpacking boxes; decorating your apartment; setting up your study area; stocking food staples and supplies; locating the pharmacy, grocery store, and dry cleaners; deciding the best commuting route to school.
  1. Remember that the study of law is exciting as well as challenging. Enjoy this new adventure!

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