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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Some Miscellaneous Resources

Over the semester, I collect resource suggestions from law students, faculty members, ASP colleagues, and my browsing of the Internet. Here are some apps and websites that may be helpful to you or your students:

Procrastination Killer - a free software that uses the 10 minutes of focused work - 2 minutes of break time repeated 5 times an hour to produce 1 hour's focused work; the task does not have to be completed in 10 minutes and can be spread over time to accommodate longer tasks; knowing one has to focus for only 10 minutes will (at least in theory) get the procrastinator working; the hope is that regular use of the app will change the procrastinator's habits, and the person will no longer take breaks every 10 minutes

Rescue Time - the free lite version tracks time in websites and apps, allows you to set goals, issues weekly email reports on your website/app time; keeps a 3-month report history; for the premium paid version with a free 14-day trial you gain: tracking of time away from the computer; blocking of distracting websites; alerts on achieving daily goals; more reports and filters, and unlimited report history

Freedom - blocks apps and websites; can sync across devices; one-month, yearly, and forever pricing levels

Planner Pad Organizers - suggested to me by Kathy Thompson at Roger Williams; this weekly planner has pages divided into a top categorize section to list everything that needs to be done during the week in categories of your choosing, a prioritize section to distribute those tasks across daily lists, and a schedule section that looks like a regular daily planner calendar where you enter task time each day interspersed with your appointment/meeting slots; the planner also has monthly and yearly sections and other features for notes, expenses, and contacts.

Sleep Cycle - suggested by a student; this app monitors your sleep cycles during the night and then uses an alarm that "snoozes" over a 30-minute period to wake you before your set alarm time; the "how it works" page on the website explains the reasoning behind the app and how to use it correctly

If you have apps and websites that you recommend for resources, please send me suggestions. (Amy Jarmon)

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