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Sunday, May 13, 2018

One More Academic Year Winds Down - Sigh

I always reach this last gasp of the semester with mixed emotions. I am glad to end the rush of the last several months. I look forward to starting my long list of summer projects.

But, I will miss having as many students present in the building. There will be some bar studiers who stay in Lubbock and a small number of summer school students. Most students will head to other parts of the state or farther afield for summer clerkships.

It is always a time of reflection for me. I think about programs and resources - the successes, the so-so's, and the won't-do-that-again's.

But mostly I think about individual students. After all, they are the reason that I love the work I do.

  • I think about the first-year students who learned new skills to succeed in law school and surprised themselves with how much they have learned.
  • I think about probation students who turned around their skills to succeed this semester and regain their confidence.
  • I think about upper-division students who came back for "10,000-mile check-ups" or to hone specific skills we had started to work on previously.
  • I think about upper-division students whose friends urged them to see me for help because "it worked for them last year."
  • I think about the students who just needed someone to talk with, to vent to, or to steal away for a few minutes of tears in an office that always has a ready box of tissues.
  • I think about the graduating third-year students who I have seen grow as individuals as well as new professionals - that proud parent feeling that ASP'ers often have.

Yes, summer will give me a chance to reorganize, develop new programs, and take a bit of a break for some travel. Three months of projects ahead of me before the ASP whirlwind will begin again.

But, you know, it will be the anticipation in August of the arriving new class and the returning students that will bring a big smile back to my face. The summer is nice, but not what I look forward to the most. (Amy Jarmon)

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