Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Academic Support & Bar Exam papers on SSRN in 2017

A quick check of SSRN reveals that eight new articles were posted in 2017 containing "academic support" or "bar exam" in their title, abstract, or keyword directory.  Here is the list, in alphabetical order by first author:

The High Cost of Lowering the Bar.  Number of pages: 16. Posted: 01 Jun 2017, Last Revised: 13 Oct 2017.  Robert Anderson IV and Derek T. Muller.  Pepperdine University School of Law and Pepperdine University - School of Law.

Giving Students a Seat at the Table: Using Team-Based Learning to 'Teach' Criminal Law.  Number of pages: 5. Posted: 20 Dec 2017. Shawn Marie Boyne.  Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

Using a Case-Progression Approach to Mapping Learning Outcomes and Developing Assessments.  Number of pages: 56. Posted: 21 Apr 2017.  Jeanette Buttrey, Laura Dannebohm, Vickie Eggers, Joni Larson, Mable Martin-Scott and Kimberly E. O’Leary.  Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Indiana Tech - Law School, Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Indiana Institute of Technology - Indiana Tech Law School, Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School and Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

The Perfect Practice Exam: The Skill of Legal Analysis.  Carolina Academic Press (2017); ISBN: 978-1-63284-320-3. Number of pages: 44.  Posted: 08 Aug 2017.  Christina Shu Jien Chong.  University of San Francisco School of Law

'They're Digging in the Wrong Place:' How Learning Outcomes Can Improve Bar Exams and Ensure Practice Ready Attorneys.  Number of pages: 46. Posted: 19 Sep 2017, Last Revised: 02 Oct 2017.  Debra Moss Curtis.  Nova Southeastern University - Shepard Broad College of Law. 

The Case for a Uniform Cut Score.  Number of pages: 14. Posted: 01 Aug 2017, Last Revised: 15 Aug 2017.  Joan W. Howarth.  William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV; Michigan State University College of Law.

Exam-Writing Instruction in a Classroom Near You: Why it Should Be Done and How to Do it.  Number of pages: 49. Posted: 24 Feb 2017.  Joan Malmud Rocklin.  University of Oregon.

Mismatch and Bar Passage: A School-Specific Analysis.  UCLA School of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 17-40. Number of pages: 16.  Posted: 17 Oct 2017.  Richard H. Sander and Robert Steinbuch. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - School of Law and University of Arkansas at Little Rock - William H. Bowen School of Law.

In addition to these academic support and bar exam-focused articles, 250 papers containing “legal education” as a keyword were also posted last year. The most downloaded legal education article, by far, was “A Revealed-Preferences Ranking of Law Schools” by Christopher J. Ryan Jr. (Vanderbilt) and Brian L. Frye (Kentucky).  For one blogger’s list of the best legal education articles from 2017, click here.  (Kirsha Trychta)


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