Friday, November 3, 2017

Call for Nominations for AALS Section on Academic Support Officer/Board Positions

Good morning,

I write on behalf of the Nominations Committee of the AALS Section on Academic Support (Amy Jarmon, Phil Kaplan, and myself).  Below  are instructions for submitting nominations to serve in Section leadership.  There are three positions open:  Treasurer and two Board positions.  Please note that according to the Section's rotation rules, the Treasurer moves to the Secretary position the following year, then Chair-Elect and Chair in the years after that.  As stated below, the deadline to submit nominations is Nov. 15, 2017, at noon (Pacific time). 

I encourage everyone in our community to consider volunteering for these positions or nominating someone.  You can participate meaningfully even if you do not regularly attend the AALS Annual Meetings.


At the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) in San Diego, the Section on Academic Support will have its Business Meeting on Friday, January 5th at 7:30AM.  Section members will elect the 2018 Executive Committee.  The Nominations Committee is now accepting nominations for positions to be elected at the 2018 meeting.

The Executive Committee is comprised of Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, four board members, and the Immediate Past Chair.  Two Board Members are elected each year, serving two-year terms.  Per the bylaws’ rotation rules, Staci Rucker (Cincinnati) becomes the Chair of the Section for 2018, Courtney Lee (McGeorge) becomes 2018 Chair-Elect, and Jennifer Carr (McGeorge) becomes 2018 Secretary.  Danielle Kocal (Pace) will move to 2018 Immediate Past Chair. 

Positions to be filled at the upcoming meeting are Treasurer (to advance to Secretary in 2019, Chair-Elect in 2020, and Chair in 2021), and two Board Members (2018-2019).  The Secretary and Treasurer also serve as a chair or co-chair of a committee during the year.  Board Members serve as members of at least one committee during their terms.

Who May Be Nominated: Candidates must be faculty or professional staff at AALS member law schools (see  The nominated person need not be present at the AALS Annual Meeting.

Who May Submit a Nomination: You may nominate yourself or any other eligible candidate at an AALS member school.

Contents of the Nomination: Nominations must be in writing and include:  (1) the candidate’s name, title, institutional affiliation, and business email address; (2) a brief description of the candidate’s professional role at his/her institution and connection with law school academic support; and (3) a statement confirming that the candidate is willing to be nominated. 

Where to send Nominations: Send nominations to Courtney Lee at (please be sure to include the “1”).

Deadline: Noon (Pacific) on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

After nominations close, the Nominations Committee will confirm nominees’ interest in serving; review nominations; choose a slate of candidates to recommend at the Business Meeting; and seek additional nominations at the Business Meeting. 

Courtney, Amy, and Phil

Professor of Lawyering Skills
Director of Bar Support
McGeorge School of Law
University of the Pacific
3200 Fifth Ave., Sacramento, CA 95817

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