Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spring Break - Already??!!

This has been the week when students suddenly have realized that it is only two weeks to our law school's Spring Break. The reactions have been joy or trepidation. Here are some of the comments:

The joy group:

  • I'm going home! I miss my family/siblings/mother's cooking/friends/dog. It will be wonderful to be home.
  • I'm getting married and having a short honeymoon! Grin.
  • I'm heading to the beach/slopes/Vegas for the week. (Mixed group - some clearly plan to play full-time; some add they will take their outlines along and get some study in - wink, wink.)

The trepidation group:

  • I'll never be able to take time to go home if I want to study enough.
  • I am so far behind, I'll spend the whole time outlining and writing my papers.
  • Gosh! Exams start seven weeks after Spring Break! Groan.
  • The semester is going by too fast! I'll never get everything done.
  • That means I need to spend a whole week trying to understand Con Law/Commercial Law/Income Tax/(fill in the blank).

Whichever group the students fall into, they all realize that time is marching on this semester. It is well past the beginning weeks of the semester when some students coast. It is time to buckle down and make progress. (Amy Jarmon)

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