Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Director of Academic Support for the Part-Time Program at CUNY

The Director of Academic Support for the Part-time Program at CUNY School of Law will work with the Academic Dean, the Director of the Professional Skills Center, and the Director of Academic Support Programs in designing and implementing all aspects of the Law School's Academic Support Program. The Director will be assigned teaching duties as part of her/his regular 35-hour per week assignment.

The Director may work with first-, second-, and third-year students, primarily in the part-time evening program, as they develop the doctrinal, academic, study, and other skills they will need to succeed in law school, on the bar exam, and in practice. The Director may teach weekly skills sessions; teach academic support sections of required doctrinal courses; work with students individually or in small groups; and train and supervise teaching assistants.

The Professional Skills Center also designs and administers the Summer Law Institute and the Pre-Law Orientation Program. The Director will be involved in planning and teaching in those programs. In keeping with CUNY's integrated approach to academic support, the Director will also help develop faculty workshops on pedagogy and serve as a resource to faculty in areas of skills-based teaching and testing.

The Director may have additional responsibilities as determined in consultation with the Academic Dean and other Skills Center staff.

This job will include evening, day, and weekend duties.

For more information about the position including how to apply please click here: http://cuny.jobs/queens-ny/director-of-academic-support-part-time-program-academic-resource-center-dir/BD9BC5373E99426EA9672FDBB137FF30/job/   

Please note that you will have to create a username and password to apply for the position.

Posting - ASP Job Opportunity
Where appropriate, more than one option may be checked when responding to the below listed
questions. Checking all options, for example in regard to salary, in an effort to avoid specifying
a legitimate range is discouraged. You may provide additional textual explanations after each
item. The completed form must appear within the body of an E-mail posting about a posting,
and the completed form must be included within the text of any file attachment.
1. The position advertised:
___ a. is a tenure-track appointment.
__√_ b. may lead to successive long-term contracts of five or more years.
___ c. may lead only to successive short-term contracts of one to four years. (Full Time
___ d. has an upper-limit on the number of years a teacher may be appointed.
___ e. is part of a fellowship program for one or two years.
___ f. is a part-time appointment, or a year-to-year adjunct appointment. (One-Year
Visitorship only)
___ g. is for at will employment.
2. The professor hired:
__√_ a. will be permitted to vote on all matters at faculty meetings.
___ b. will be permitted to vote in faculty meetings on matters except those pertaining to hiring,
tenure, and promotion.
___ c. will not be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.
3. The school anticipates paying an annual academic year base salary in the range checked
below. (A base salary does not include stipends for coaching moot court teams, teaching other
courses, or teaching in summer school; a base salary does not include conference travel or other
professional development funds.)
___ over $120,000
___ $110,000 - $119,999
__√_ $100,000 - $109,999
__√_ $90,000 - $99,999
_√__ $80,000 - $89,999
__√_ $70,000 - $79,999
___ $60,000 - $69,999
___ $50,000 - $59,999
___ $40, 000-49,999
___ this is a part-time appointment paying less than $30,000
___ this is an adjunct appointment paying less than $10,000
4. The person hired will have the title of:
___ a. Associate Dean (including Dean of Students).
__√_ b. Director.
___ c. Professor (tenure track).
___ d. Professor (clinical tenure track or its equivalent).
___ e. Professor (neither tenure track nor clinical tenure track).
___ f. no title.
5. Job responsibilities include:
_√__ a. working with students whose predicators (LSAT and University GPA) suggest
they will struggle to excel in law school.
_√__ b. working with students who performed relatively poorly on their law school
examinations or other assessments.
_√__ c. working with diverse students.
__√_ d. managing orientation.
__√_ e. teaching ASP-related classes (case briefing, synthesis, analysis, etc.).
__√_ f. teaching bar-exam related classes.
__√_ g. working with students on an individual basis.
_√__ h. teaching other law school courses.
6. The person hired will be present in the office and work regularly during the summer months
(June – August).
__√_ a. Yes.
___ b. No.
7. The person hired is required to publish, in some form, in order to maintain employment.
___ a. Yes.
_√__ b. No.
Note: The Association of Academic Support Educators strongly recommends that this disclosure
form accompany all E-mail postings for academic support positions sent to subscribers of the
ASP listserv (asp-l@chicagokent.kentlaw.edu).


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