Saturday, January 30, 2016

Call for Submissions to the Newsletter for the AALS Teaching Methods Section

The ABA recently established new objectives for legal education. The new Standard 302 requires schools to establish “learning outcomes” for competency in substantive and procedural law. Standard 304 establishes a requirement for simulation or experiential learning in and outside of clinic work/courses. Standard 314 requires an institutional commitment to “Assessment of Student Learning." Standard 314 specifically states: “A law school shall apply a variety of formative and summative assessment methods across the curriculum to provide meaningful feedback to students.”

The Teaching Methods Newsletter would like to feature your new ideas for implementing Standards, 302, 304, and 314, in order to engage all members of the Academy in thinking about methods to fulfill these new ABA requirements.

To that end, we invite law professors over the entire spectrum of law course offerings to submit a 500-word description of any of the following techniques you are currently using in your class(es) or plan to include in the next academic year:

1. Your method of establishing and implementing learning outcomes for your class in order to meet Standard 302;
2. Your new ideas for simulation or experiential learning activities to meet Standard 304; and
3. Your ideas for assessing student learning in your class to meet Standard 314.

As part of the description of the technique, please provide details as to how the technique specifically fulfills the ABA requirements.

Submissions must not have been previously published in a prior periodical or journal or already accepted for publication.

Selected submissions will be published along with a short biography, photo, and your contact information. Along with your submission, please include a photo, the name of the class in which you use or plan to use the teaching or assessment technique, and your biographical information. Our goal is that law faculty interested in your technique will contact you directly for more information and advice on implementation.

Please send your submissions here:

The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 28, 2016.

Feel free to contact Secretary Rory Bahadur ( or Executive Committee Member Kim Holst ( with any questions about submitting to the Section on Teaching Methods Newsletter.

Thank you!
Rory Bahadur, Secretary
Kim Holst, Executive Committee Member,
AALS Section on Teaching Methods

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