Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Publication Opportunity


A friend of mine named Dr. Arne Pilniok is a German law professor who teaches at The Department of Law at the University of Hamburg, Germany.  Dr. Pilniok edits a new, German, peer-edited law journal focusing on legal education, and he has asked me to share a solicitation of articles.

The journal is looking for articles by US law teachers focusing on teaching methods and on ways to make legal education more practice focused.  The first issue of the journal appeared this quarter; it is published by a well-respected German publisher called Nomos. The journal is called "Zeitschrift für die Didaktik der Rechtswissenschaft" (ZDRW), and it will be published four times a year. The journal does have a website, www.zdrw.nomos.de, but, unfortunately, it is only in German. Of course, articles authored by US law teachers will be published in English.

This fall, I published a short piece that Dr. Piniok edited for a book also published by Nomos; the experience of working with Dr. Pilniok was great.

Here is Dr. Pilniok's email address: arne.pilniok@jura.uni-hamburg.de.  If you have any questions for me, feel free to reply to me privately.

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