Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update from AALS

For those of you who were snowed out of AALS this year, here is an update on our section.

Our section program went beautifully. A HUGE thank you goes to the outgoing section chair, Louis Schulze, now of Florida International Law School, and our own Lisa Young from Seattle Law as Program Chair.

Alex Schimel and Joanne Harvest Koren of Miami Law presented on the definitions we use to find "at-risk" students, and the potential dangers in static definitions. The presentation was quite thought-provoking.

Chelsea Baldwin of Oklahoma City Law presented on stereotype threat and ASP. Chelsea's presentation included a FABULOUS handout on conceptual differences between law school subjects. I plan on stealing her handouts for my own students.

Jamie Kleppetsche of The John Marshall Law School-Chicago presented on creating your own bar exam skill course or program. I was blown away by the different courses offered at The John Marshall Law School, and I will definitely be taking her syllabus ideas back with me to UMass.

Alison Martin of IU-McKinney Law presented on hope and law school success. Alison presented some fascinating data from her snowed-out co-presenter, Kevin Rand.

Lastly, our new section chair is our own blog editor, Dr. Amy Jarmon. (Yeah!)


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