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Director of Academic Success Position at Florida Coastal

 Florida Coastal School of Law (Coastal Law) is seeking candidates for the position of Director of Academic Success. 

Coastal Law offers a dynamic, professional, and collegial work environment for employees in addition to state of the art facilities, cutting edge technology, and a competitive and comprehensive compensation and benefits package.   To be considered for this opportunity, please submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

The Director of Academic Success performs academic support functions essential to promoting students’ success in law school and to the successful growth of the institution, including working with students  seeking  to  improve  academic  performance  and  prepare  for  the  bar  examination.    The Director is responsible for all program design, implementation, and reporting.  The position is a full- time non-faculty member of the academic staff. This position reports to the Dean. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  •  Designing, implementing, managing, and reporting on all academic success and bar prep       programming (including the Law School Foundations Program) and managing ASP staff.
  • Counseling and advising students regarding; bar exam preparation, bar coaching, students on academic probation, academic alert, and any other student seeking to improve academic performance.
  •  Teaching at least one section of the Advanced Florida Bar Studies course each fall and spring.
  • Assisting in preparing and presenting the Academic Success workshops (as applicable) and bar prep workshops.
  • Assisting students in reviewing answers to practice exams (including bar exam essays) and providing advice regarding exam strategy.
  • Serving as a member of the Academic Outcomes Best Practices group and performing various duties as assigned by the group.
  • Serving as a member of the Bar Preparation Committee and/or Academic Standards Committee and performing various duties as assigned by the Committee.
  •  Tracking subjects’ tests on bar exams and keeping personal knowledge of those subjects current; attending each Florida Bar Exam administration.
  •  Preparing and overseeing Academic Success budgets.
  • Serving as a member of the Academic and Student Services Team and assisting the Team as needed.
  • Assisting Career Services and the Academic Team in planning and executing Rising 2L and 3L Orientations.
  •  Attending meetings as necessary within the law school, and performing other duties as assigned.
  • Attending seminars and conferences to improve ability to provide appropriate services at the law school.
  •  Performing other duties as assigned. 

Education & Experience Requirements:

  •  Juris Doctor Degree required.
  •  Minimum 2-3 years legal practice experience.
  • Prior academic support experience (either professional or as part of a graduate or law school program) or teaching experience (i.e., legal writing or comparable teaching experience in writing and analytical skills training) is preferred.
  •  Licensed by a State Bar Association; however, Florida Licensure is preferred. 

Job Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  •  Ability to create and deliver effective workshops on bar exam topics.
  • Possess a professional, rigorous, respectful, supportive, energetic, and reliable commitment to excellence in student outcomes, in teaching and in mentoring of Academic Success Department staff.
  • Demonstrate excellent management/leadership skills and a strong track record of effectively handling policy and program development as well as high-level decision making.
  • Effectively model professionalism.
  • Demonstrate high level of organization, reliability, creativity, motivation, resourcefulness, and initiative.
  • Demonstrate ability to  work collaboratively and collegially with faculty, staff, students, and administrators from diverse backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate ability to relate well to students, possess strong interpersonal skills, and demonstrate exceptional ability to communicate professionally through both verbal and written means.
  • Possess ability to work well under pressure, including managing multiple priorities under tight deadlines.
  • Possess a dedication to Florida Coastal School of Law’s unique philosophy, strategic plan, goals, and doctrine. Coastal Law values emotional intelligence, a commitment to continuous improvement, interdependence, and healthy conflict.
  • Possess a strong working knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel. 

Personal Values

Represent core beliefs, principles, or qualities that guide individual behavior toward attainment of the organization’s vision, mission, strategic initiatives, customer objectives, and mission pillars.

  • Continuous Improvement – This value is reflected by use of objective data to assess performance, identify opportunities to improve, and achieve progress rather than perfection.
  • Interdependence  –  This  value  is  grounded  in  mutual  responsibility  for  shared  goals  and outcomes without concern for personal gain or appearances.
  • Passion for Excellence – This value is evidenced by a singular and intense commitment to outstanding performance and outcomes pursuant to continuous innovation and improvement, hearing and responding to the voice of the customer, process excellence, and a culture that inspires and reflects personal growth and development.
  • Personal Humility – This value is evidenced by a humble and modest manner and consistent habit of crediting others for successes and blaming himself or herself first for failures or shortcomings.
  • Dedication to the Greater Good – This value is evidenced by a dedication to higher purpose that supersedes self-interest and prioritizes outcomes that best serve the customer or organization. 

Team Values

Represent core beliefs, principles, or qualities that guide group interaction toward attainment of the organization’s vision, mission, strategic initiatives, customer objectives, and mission pillars.

  • Vulnerability-Based Trust – This value is grounded in the ability to acknowledge, comfortably and without prompting, mistakes, weaknesses, failures, and needs for help.  It is an essential element of honest and effective interaction and, ultimately, security of position.
  • Healthy Conflict – This value is evidenced by open, honest, and robust discussion of ideas and issues, so that diverse views are aired without the tensions, passive-aggressiveness, and back channel processes incident to conflict avoidance.
  • Clear Commitments – This value is reflected by unambiguous responsibility for achievement of an agreed-upon result within a specified time frame.
  • Accountability – This value is indicated by the willingness of a team member to provide direct, honest, and specific feedback with respect to actions or behaviors that may impair individual, group, or organizational achievement.
  • Commitment to Results – This value is evidenced by a relentless focus upon specific objectives and clearly defined outcomes. 

Coastal Law is an equal employment opportunity employer.

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