Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet Louis Schulze - An ASP Writer

I would like to introduce you to the third ASP writer in our series.  Louis Schulze is Professor of Law and Director of the Academic Excellence Program at New England School of Law.  Louis is the 2013 Chair of the AALS Section on Academic Support.  I have listed below some of his publications.  (Amy Jarmon)

Alternative Justifications for Academic Support III: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Academic Support on Perceived Autonomy Support and Humanizing Law Schools 38 Ohio N.U. L. Rev. 999 (2012) (with Dr. Adam A. Ding).
Social Science Research Network

Partnering for the Benefit of All Students:  Simple Ways to Incorporate ASP Techniques Across the Curriculum19(1) The Law Teacher 8  (Fall 2012) (with Rebecca Flanagan).

Alternative Justifications for Academic Support II:  How “Academic Support Across the Curriculum” Helps Meet the Goals of the Carnegie Report and Best Practices40 Cap. U. L. Rev. 1 (2012)
Social Science Research Network

Alternative Justifications for Law School Academic Support Programs: Self-Determination Theory, Autonomy Support, and Humanizing the Law School5 Charleston L. Rev. 269 (2011)
Social Science Research Network

Balancing Law Student Privacy Interests and Progressive Pedagogy: Dispelling the Myth that FERPA Prohibits Cutting-Edge Academic Support Methodologies19 Widener L.J.  215  (2009)
Social Science Research Network

Integrating Doctrinal Material and Faculty into Academic Support2009 The Learning Curve 13      (2009) (with Elizabeth Bloom.)

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