Friday, December 11, 2009

A Tribute to Movies

You may be wondering why a posting under the category "Exams - Studying" would be about movies.  No, I am not going to suggest that students watch Paper Chase or Presumed Innocent.  Instead, I am strongly encouraging them all to purchase a ticket to the local cinema.

During law school, I saw more movies than any other time in my life.   Why did I watch so many movies?  Here are my reasons:

  • It is impossible to sit in a movie theater and worry about law school.  The plot catches up every thought and catapults the viewer into another world and other lives.
  • Unlike a DVD or Movie on Demand at home, there is no pile of books on a desk in one's line of vision to beckon one back to studying.  The guilt factor disappears because one is out of the study milieu.
  • Movies reminded me that law school was not the "real world" for most people.  Movies allowed me to retreat from the fish bowl of law school and be an ordinary citizen again.
  • Although my favorites were comedies (because they made me laugh) and children's films (because they depended on imagination and not critical thinking), other genres can equally allow healthy escapism.  I would not recommend a law-related plot, however, because it defeats the purpose of going to the movies.
  • Most movies allow for approximately 2 hours of total diversion when one relaxes completely instead of stressing about memos, papers, or exams.  Enough time to relax, but not so much time as to waste an entire day.

So, here is to the matinee ticket - cheap and cheerful!  Give your brain cells a break.  Relax completely, and then go back to the books refreshed.  (Amy Jarmon)

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