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Friday, January 30, 2009

Responsibility for Teaching and Responsibility for Learning

I believe in humanizing legal education.  I believe in life balance.  I believe in improved teaching methods.  I believe in diversity in learning styles.  I believe in listening carefully and trying to help.  I believe in bending over backwards for students who are trying to learn.  I believe in spreading the wealth of ASP knowledge so that all can have more efficient and effective study methods.  I take responsibility for being the best ASP professional as I can.  And, I know many faculty colleagues who work equally hard at teaching.

I also believe that students need to take responsibility.  Students ultimately need to be responsible for their learning.  Students need to be responsible for working hard.  Students need to attend classes.  Students need to prepare for classes.  Students need to self-monitor their learning.  Students need to study more than 20 hours per week.  Students need to review material rather than cram.  Students need to set some limits on their social calendars.  And, when they do not know how to do any of these tasks effectively, then they need to take responsibility to seek help from faculty members, ASP staff, tutors/teaching assistants, counselors, and others.

I do not believe that we serve our students well when we let them descend into non-stop whining and avoiding of their academic responsibilities.  We are hopefully preparing them to be excellent practitioners as well as excellent human beings.  Responsibility is part of both roles.  (Amy Jarmon) 

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