Monday, September 8, 2008

Questions to ask ourselves

I need to ask myself a series of questions this week "to take the pulse" of my office.  Hopefully, It will help me double-check what has been accomplished as well as what still needs to be done to improve the academic success program.  I find it is so easy to become focused on putting out fires during the first month of school that some essentials get delayed or overlooked if I do not pause to reflect on my checklist.

  • Have I met all of the new faculty so that they know who I am and about my program?
  • Have I met all of the new administrative staff so that they know who I am and about my program?
  • Have I sent all faculty a list of the student workshop topics on academic success and dates for this semester?
  • Has every student received a list of the workshop topics and dates as well?
  • Have I drafted weekly listserv reminders for students that include focused reasons why the week's workshop topic might be of help?
  • Have I updated my workshop packet materials and sent them to our photocopy shop?
  • Have I met with all probation students and begun weekly appointments?
  • Have I communicated with the Associate Dean of Academics about the status of probation student appointments?
  • Have all of the administrative tasks for the 1L tutoring program been completed so that it is running smoothly?
  • Have I sorted and finalized files of materials from Tutor training with suggestions for changes for the spring semester?
  • Are there additional books that need to be ordered for the study aids library with the beginning of the new budget year - multiple copies for an existing book or new series?
  • Have I remembered to include student suggestions for study aids in my ordering plan?
  • Have I developed possible topics for my weekly study tips e-mails to students - and begun the series?
  • Have I found time to circulate through the student lounge and cafeteria so that I can visit with returning law students and meet new law students?
  • Have I developed enough training materials for my office work study students?
  • Have I worked with our high school pipeline faculty on implementing on-going programs and initiating new programs for the semester?
  • Am I up to date on university or community projects related to my office?
  • Have I provided myself with professional development activities that will keep me motivated and updated?
  • Have I written down new ideas for future semesters so that I shall not forget them?
  • Have I sorted and finalized files of materials from our Summer Entry Program with suggestions for changes for next year?
  • Have I reviewed the intranet and law school academic success web content recently for necessary updates?

There are still items to be completed on this list.  However, by capturing them on paper, I feel more secure that tasks will not fall through the cracks.  Of course, as for most of us, this list will be evolving as I remember more tasks or think of new projects.  (Amy Jarmon)

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