Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Addition to the Editorial Team

Schwartzmichaelthumb_1 I am beginning to feel as though we're getting away with something as I look at the new folks who are joining our editorial team.  Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Michael Schwartz onto the blog as a contributing editor.

Mike has been teaching law for fifteen years.  Six years ago, after nine years as a doctrinal professor, he "begged his way into a hybrid doctrinal/academic support slot."  Mike, who is in his first year at Washburn University School of Law, oversees and teaches Washburn’s First Week Program, an eighteen-hour, self-regulated learning curriculum integrated into his and a colleague’s torts classes; oversees a structured study group program for all entering Washburn students; and oversees the law school’s bar pass program, which he has integrated into his remedies class.

He is the author of Expert Learning for Law Students and a co-author (with Denise Riebe) of Pass the Bar!, both published by Carolina Academic Press.  His Remedies/Bar Pass hybrid text (co-athored with Carole Buckner) is forthcoming from Carolina Academic Press in Spring 2008. 

His teaching and learning scholarship includes two recent law review articles on teaching and learning: "Teaching Law By Design: How Learning Theory and Instructional Design Can Inform and Reform Law Teaching," 38 SAN DIEGO L. REV. 347 (2001), and "Teaching Law Students to be Self-Regulated Learners," MICH. ST. L. REV. 447 (2003), as well as shorter teaching and learning pieces addressing best practices in law school course web page design and the process of creating instructional objectives.  Mike is also a contributing author to Best Practices of Law Schools for Preparing Students to Practice Law (a CLEA publication forthcoming December 2006) and is on the Steering Committee for that project.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of Humanizing Legal Education.

Mike has presented his work on teaching and learning to the law faculties at Hastings, Mercer, Santa Clara, UDC, Albany, the John Marshall Law School (Chicago), John Marshall Law School (Atlanta), North Carolina Central, and Southern New England.  This year, he is scheduled to present to the State Bar of New York and to the law faculties at UMKC Wisconsin. (dbw)


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