Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Postpone a Profession?

Delayauthor Today's New York Times reports about the author of a new book who asserts that students should take time to do what they love, to see the world and to experiment before they head off into a professional career path.  In Psst, New Grad. Put the Career Off the NYT summarizes a recent book by Colleen Kinder.  The 20-something's premise:  find adventure in your 20s.  Her book and website offer tips to make that happen.

Delay I wonder if I'll have a student read the book during the first week of law school and then decide to postpone the graduate program, which may, in the long term, be a very good decision.  The article is an interesting and quick read.  We'll be highlighting, from time to time, information that tries to reveal what the "kids today," are thinking.  (els)

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