Saturday, July 16, 2005

Reward Offered!

I hereby offer a $5.00 gift certificate, redeemable at the Roger Williams University School of Law Bookstore, to the Academic Support professional who is able to convince the Princeton Review folks to change their web presentation.

Do you design all or part of your school's Orientation program?  Are you a participant in that program?  Are the following quotes from the Princeton Review page offensive to you?

Schools will invariably announce that attending orientation is mandatory even though - just between us - it isn't.

Law school orientation is basically a day camp ...   

You will sit through speeches, panel discussions, and more speeches. ... You'll almost certainly receive instruction on how to read and brief cases and survive law school generally.

In the evenings during orientation, you'll be encouraged to attend social activities like "Jazz in the Park" and "Dinner with the Faculty." Student bar associations often organize less formal alternative events that you can attend as well such as the always popular "Booze Cruise" and "Pub Crawl."

I don't know about you, but I find this offensive. 

At our school, Orientation is mandatory.  We cover essential material, especially in the Legal Methods (writing) classes.  (Attendance is taken.)

Comparing the first days at law school to a children's "day camp" rather misses the point of the transition from college to the professional environment, doesn't it?

Years ago, Orientations featured endlesss speeches.  Now, aren't most Orientations mainly interactive?  The two "speeches" we feature during the week are anything but "endless."  Brevity is the watchword. Our "panels" are designed to be discussions, not mini-lectures.

Do you instruct students about how to "survive law school?"  Don't we all instruct them on how to excel in law school?  (That's why so many of our programs are entitled Academic Success, Academic Excellence, etc., right?)  Survival?  Ick. 

Our Student Bar Association not only avoids the "pub crawl" type of activity, but refuses to fund any organization's event during Orientation week if it includes alcohol.Noalcohol

Let me know where to send the gift certificate!  (djt)

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