Sunday, February 13, 2005


Who has moved to another position, another school? 

Have you found some news (local, regional, national) that affects Law School Academic Support Programs?  This is the place to post it!

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What Do you Do for a Living?

Some of us are professors who have been assigned Academic Support tasks instead of a traditional doctrinal class assignment.  Some of us are part-time.  Others are directors, co-directors, associate directors, or assistant directors of Academic Support Programs.  Most of us are/were lawyers, but others have been educated in different areas: psychology and education for example (oh, aren't there times in every week when we all envy them?).

When we get together at regional or national conferences, most of us are surprised at how wide-ranging the Academic Support world is.  Spend a few minutes to describe what you do for a living, so the rest of us (especially those new to the profession) can develop a better picture of the career path we are on.

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We're Hungry!

Feed us some articles.  The next time you stumble upon the perfect skill-teaching strategy, when your Dean doubles your budget and you figure out what to do with all the extra cash, whenever anything strikes you as relevant to the rest of us -- write it up.  Send it along.  We know you're out there!

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A Moment in the Limelight

Step up and be noticed.  Send in a photo, brief bio, and some insights, inspiration or whatever you want to share with the AcSup community (and anyone else who stumbles onto this web site).  On the other hand, if you're too bashful (are there any bashful folks in the Academic Support world?), suggest someone else and we'll make the contact. 

Wouldn't it be super if ... when we all congregate in Las Vegas in June for the LSAC-sponsored Annual (sort of) Conference ... we didn't need those goofy name badges? 

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A Place to Gather

Keeping with the tradition of blogging (well, it may be a bit premature to write of a "tradition"), Richard and I are hoping that members of the Law School Academic Support community around the country will find this site a place to gather.  It's time we have a central repository to post our ideas, strategies, theories and __________ (this is interactive - you fill in the blank).  Check in from time to time and let others know what's on your mind.


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Read Any Good Books Lately?

When was the last time you read a book addressing matters of professional interest to Academic Support folks?  Okay, how about this: when was the last time you read a book you think should be recommended to students?  But wait, there's more ... Even Academic Support professionals vacation from time to time.  How about sharing some of those novels none of us would ever admit to reading except while at 30,000 feet? 

Books books books ... recommend books, review books, and let others know which books we shouldn't bother with.

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