Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Comings and Goings

DC white collar heavyweights Greg Poe and Preston Burton have joined forces to create Poe & Burton PLLC. It is a catchy name, although I prefer Greg and Preston's Excellent White Collar Adventure. Preston has represented many high-profile white collar defendants, including Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen, and Monica Lewinsky. Greg  is the author of several impressive amicus briefs in cutting-edge cases, including Booker. He is currently representing a former Blackwater executive in an EDNC criminal case with national security implications. Combined they have litigated over 60 criminal cases to verdict. Good luck, guys.

Elliot Berke recently left his own practice to become a Partner at McGuireWoods LLP. Elliot is one of the most respected election law and government ethics compliance attorneys in the country. In the House of Representatives he served as Counsel to the Office of the Speaker and General Counsel to the Office of the House Majority Leader. He currently counsels individuals and entities regarding election and governmental compliance issues and represents individuals under investigation by Senate and House ethics panels and the DOJ. Elliot has been known to hang out at the Prime Rib-the true sign of a Washington insider.

My old friend Mike McCrum has just left big law to start the McCrum Law Office in San Antonio. For my money, Mike is the best white collar attorney in the Southwest. His biggest claim to fame was his spectacularly successsful defense of San Antonio criminal defense attorney Alan Brown against tax fraud charges brought by DOJ's Brenda Morris in her pre-Ted Stevens days. Mike's performance was masterful. After a six-week trial, the jury deliberated for 35 minutes (including bathroom breaks) and acquitted on all charges. Best of luck, my friend. 



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