Friday, May 27, 2011

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Mike Baker, AJC (AP), AP source: Edwards could be indicted within days

Houston Business Chronicle, Attorney Hardin on the case for PHA investigation

Tony Mauro, BLT Blog, Former AG Gonzales 'Disappointed' in His Own Conduct in DOJ Hiring

Peter Blumberg, Fred Strasser,  San Francisco Chronicle (Bloomberg), Rajaratnam Lawyers Ask Judge to Void Jury's Guilty Verdicts

Glen Johnson, Boston Globe, DiMasi trial gets big witness: Patrick


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Remarks by the former AG Gonzales are half hearted. It was not only the hiring protocols that document bad faith. The abuse of those that were fired and the surreptitious policy on what prosecutions should or should not transpire - based upon politico motivations - remains the issue most germane.

Abuse by prosecutors has become systemic and incestuous!

Posted by: laser haas | May 30, 2011 3:39:25 PM

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