Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Article - Sentencing Loss Guideline

Alan Ellis, John R. Steer, and Mark H. Allenbaugh, have a fascinating article titled "At a Loss for Justice - Federal Sentencing for Economic Offenses." They note how "more than 300 federal criminal statutes are covered by" USSG ยง 2B1.1. The article contains wonderful tables that compare the amount of loss to the sentence given. The data in this article should prove helpful in making an argument in a sentencing hearing. The authors conclude the article by noting the need to revisit this fraud guideline.

The article has wonderful data that supports an argument I have long made - that we need to rethink giving Draconian sentences, in some cases in excess of twenty-five years, to non-violent first offenders who commit white collar crimes.  See Ellen S. Podgor, The Challenge of White Collar Sentencing, 93 Jrl of Criminal Law & Criminology 731 (2007).


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