Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Honest Services Update

Kim Chandler, The Birmingham News, Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy ask court to dismiss honest services fraud charges against them; Bob Johnson (AP), Tuscaloosa News.com, Siegelman asks appeals court to dismiss charges; Margaret Cronin,Bloomberg, HealthSouth's Scrushy Loses His Bid for Early Release Pending Court Review

Edvard Pettersson, Business Week, Enron’s Skilling to Remain in Prison During Appeal, Court Rules ; Reuters, Judge denies bail for former Enron CEO Skilling-court document

Roxana Hegeman, WTOP.com, Prosecutors drop case against former Westar execs; law360,Citing Skilling, Prosecutors Drop Westar Case (Subscription required)

Victoria Pynchon, Forbes, On the Docket, Zach Scruggs Asks Court to Vacate “Earwhigging” Conviction; U.S. v. David Zachery Scruggs, Defendant's Memorandum of Authorities In Support of HIs Motion to Vacate His Conviction Pursuant to 28 USC 2255 

Bill Estap, Kentucky.com, Prosecutor Moves to Set Aside Convictions in part of Clay Co. case

Peter Lattman, NYTimes, Fraud Ruling Is Reshaping Federal Cases (hat tip to Tiffany Joslyn)

Fox Chicago News, Former Gov. George Ryan Asks Court to Invalidate Conviction on Basis of 'Honest Services' Decision

Joseph P. Ganim - Supplement to Request for Certificate of Appealability -  Download Supp CA 8 19 10; Second Circuit Order -  Download 2d C. Order

North NewJersey.com, Sen Joseph Coniglio's bid for bail is shot down by judge

Kevin Ring case - Ken A. Ring's Revised Motion for Judgment of Acquittal - Download 07-19-2010 RING Revised MJOA (DE 155); United States Response to Defendant Ring's Revised Motion for Judgment of Acquittal  -Download 07-27-2010 US Response to Def_s Revised MJOA (DE 161);   Kevin A. Ring's Reply in Support of his Revised Motion for Judgment of Acquittal - Download 08-03-2010 RING Reply in Support of Revised MJOA (DE 168)

NACDL has created an Honest Services Fraud Filings Decisions Bank for its members here (password protected).



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