Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Book - Careers In Criminal Law

Ellen C. Brotman, Careers in Criminal Law   - The promo states:

The book is organized into five different parts:

  • Part I focuses on traditional criminal defense, including public defending, white collar criminal defense, big firm practice, solo practice and appellate and post conviction advocacy.
  • Part II tells the stories of those who prosecute, in state court, federal court, and juvenile court.
  • Part III describes the journeys of three judges in three very different venues.
  • Part IV explores careers representing defendants who have been convicted as they attempt to get back on track.
  • Part V presents a handful of careers in criminal law that simply defy categorization.

Some legal career books provide advice on how to enter and succeed in a certain niche; some provide checklists on how to open a practice; some provide the necessary basic black letter law. While the articles in this book have components of all these types of useful advice, this book has tried to do more. This book seeks to give the reader insight into the type of person who will do well in a career in criminal law.

(esp)(hat tip to Evan Jenness)

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