Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jeff Skilling's Day With the Supremes is Today

Today is Jeff Skilling's chance to convince the Supreme Court that either section 1346 (intangible rights to honest services) is vague or should only apply to bribery cases, or that his trial was tainted and that there should have been a change for venue.  The Skilling case is one of three cases before the Court this term examining section 1346, the honest services fraud provision of the fraud statutes. One thing I continue to maintain is that the government can survive without section 1346 (see here).  My preview for the Black and Weyrauch case are here, and much of this applies to this case.  Unlike the past two cases, the Skilling decision is a frontal attack on the statute, although Skilling also has a fallback position as noted above.

The Briefs for the case can be found here.  See also Scotus Blog here.

Below is a listing of prior posts that lead up to today's oral argument:

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Wednesday Is Jeffrey Skilling Day


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