Friday, January 15, 2010

Government Response to Discovery Violations

A DOJ Press Release reports on the appointment of Andrew Goldsmith as the new national coordinator for its criminal discovery initiatives.  It states that -

"As the national coordinator, Goldsmith will oversee the implementation of a number of initiatives designed to provide prosecutors with the training and resources they need to meet discovery obligations in criminal cases. These efforts include:

  • Creating an online directory of resources on discovery issues available to all prosecutors at their desktop;
  • Producing a Handbook on Discovery and Case Management similar to the Grand Jury Manual so that prosecutors will have an accessible and comprehensive resource on discovery obligations;
  • Implementing a training curriculum and a mandatory training program for paralegals and law enforcement agents;
  • Revitalizing the Computer Forensics Working Group to ensure the proper cataloguing of electronically stored information recovered as part of federal investigations; and
  • Creating a pilot case management project to fully explore the available case management software and possible new practices to better catalogue law enforcement investigative files and to ensure that all the information is transmitted in the most useful way to federal prosecutors. "

See here (background and commentary)


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