Monday, September 14, 2009

Does DOJ Need to Rethink How it Conducts White Collar Investigations

Noted here is a discussion of the recent death of an individual who was indicted and had plead guilty in a case related to former Governor Blagojevich. This fundraiser for Blogojevich was facing yet another trial and also the threat of a sooner incarceration (see TalkLeft here).  Today Edvard Pettersson and Jeran Wittenstein of Bloomberg report on the death of Danny Pang, the indicted founder of Private Equity Management Group, Inc. See  Danny Pang Autopsy Shows No Foul Play, Coroner Says

The death of an individual facing indictment, under the strain of an investigation, or being subjected to pressure by the government to cooperate, is nothing new. With increased possible penalties for white collar offenses one has to be concerned about seeing more of these incidents. Sadly, individuals facing these investigations and ramifications garner little if any support from the general public. But perhaps an investigation and compiling of these incidents is warranted.


Addendum - Chicago Breaking News Center -Christopher Kelly may have taken rat poison

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very intersting, Blogo has a lot going on with alot of people

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