Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DOJ Looks for Top Fraud Attorney

Mike Scarcella, over at The National Law Journal reports that DOJ is looking for a "superstar" to lead the Fraud Division.  (see here)  One can imagine that many will be trying for this important position - after all being the top fraud attorney in the aftermath of an economic crisis is an incredible opportunity to serve the government. In looking for this "superstar"  it is hoped that the following qualities will be considered -

  • Someone with respect for the judicial process and not someone who labels everyone a criminal prior to conviction
  • Someone with believes in a fair fight - which means giving discovery to the defense in a timely manner - but who also recognizes the importance of protecting witnesses
  • Someone who understands both the role of a prosecutor and defense attorney and the important role that the judiciary serves
  • Someone who believes that prosecutors should be ministers of justice
  • Someone who is willing to work long hard hours to bring fraudsters to justice
  • Someone who is technologically adept to use the website and technology to empower DOJ and deter future criminality
  • Someone who is willing to educate corporations and the less fortunate on applicable laws so that they can comply as opposed to violating the law
  • Someone who will listen to the regulators and prosecute cases that need to be prosecuted



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* Someone who is not looking to work for a white shoe law firm after just a couple of years of service.

Posted by: Mike | Aug 11, 2009 2:31:47 PM

How about an Eliot Ness type who is NOT afraid of entrenched power circles!

It is axiomatic that there is no greater evil than those who are publicly paid to uphold the Law - utilizing that esteemed position of public trust in a manner that Breach's Fiduciary Duty - whether for money, power or consideration!

Posted by: Laser Haas | Aug 13, 2009 2:02:45 PM

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