Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stanford Bail Shortlived

Blogged here was the jumpsuit walk of R. Allen Stanford following the ordering of bail by a magistrate judge.  But the bond was short-lived as the federal judge overseeing the case revoked his bail. A key test for securing bail pending trial is whether the accused will flee. The court, concerned with the possibility of Stanford fleeing, decided he should stay incarcerated.  But even with this decision, I have to question the jumpsuit walk.  Our system is premised on innocence until proved guilty.  Parading an innocent person in front of cameras implicates that individual prior to any finding of guilt. See Juan Lozano, Huffington Post, Stanford's Bail Revoked By Judge; Clifford Krauss, NYTimes, Judge Revokes Bail for Billionaire Accused of Fraud.


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