Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In the News & Around the Blogosphere

Carol Leonnig, Washington Post, Bribery Plea in Probe of Firm With Murtha Ties (w/ a hat tip to Mark Johnson)

DOJ Press Release, Former State Department Employee Sentenced for Illegally Accessing Confidential Passport Files

Matt Egan, Fox Business, Report: SEC Probing Apple's Disclosures on Steve Jobs

David Laufman, Life Science Leader, Strategies For Avoiding FCPA Liability

Mike Pollick, Sarasota Tribune, Nadel falls short of judge's terms -SEEKING BAIL: Defense will ask for his release with just 3 bond signers, not 4

David Voreacos and Patricia Hurtado, Bloomberg, AIG Looting Case Against Starr Was ‘Weak,’ Jury Forewoman Says

Kristina Moore, Scotus Blog, Reports on Judge Sotomayor's Record


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