Monday, June 1, 2009

Enron Broadband's CFO Pleads

A DOJ Press Release reports on Former Enron Broadband Chief Financial Officer Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Books and Records.  "According to the terms of the plea agreement, Howard faces a maximum sentence of up to 12 months of home confinement at his sentencing."  The press release states that "[i]n an attempt to generate earnings sufficient to meet the earnings target, Howard admitted that he and others at EBS structured a transaction known as 'Project Braveheart' designed to 'monetize' or book a portion of the anticipated hundreds of millions of dollars of future earnings from EBS’s agreement with Blockbuster in the fourth quarter of 2000."  But the reality is that Howard had a hung jury the first time around and a conviction vacated the next time.  Most likely the cost of trial, including the psychological cost, made this plea extremely attractive.  

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12 months of home confinement - that's it!!

Posted by: Scott Sheds | Aug 4, 2009 9:56:21 PM

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