Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fraud is the "In" Crime

The message is loud and clear - the DOJ has a growing number of alleged fraud cases dropping in its lap. The cases in some instances show an unraveling of a house of cards.  And in many ways, the initial recent case - Madoff - can be seen as the impetus for people to start asking questions about their investments. (see discussion of Madoff  here and here),  It is no longer acceptable to just invest and be secure that the investment is safe. But the asking of questions, results in new cases (e.g., Arthur Nadell here), as people begin to find that there are no acceptable answers.  See also Tom Hays & Larry Neumeister, AP, 2 major fraud cases in NY federal court; Julie Creswell & Clifford Krauss, NYTimes, Stanford Accused of a Long-Running Scheme


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