Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The New DOJ

Attorney General Eric Holder was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden.  His remarks are telling that DOJ will be returned to being a non-political institution.  In part he stated -

"There shall be no place for political favoritism, no reason to be timid in enforcing the laws that protect our rights, our environment and our principles as long as I have the opportunity to lead this great Department. This may be a break from the immediate past but it is consistent with the long history of the Department of Justice. I call on every employee of this Department - from this moment on - to return to the practices that are the foundation of this entity. It is time once again to base our actions on policies that are rooted in fairness and in a desire to ensure a more just America."

Not surprisingly, the opposition to his becoming AG was not consequential   See WSJ Blog here  The ranks of the department will now start to fill, as well as the changing of many USAttorneys throughout the United States.  See Mary Flood, Houston Chronicle, Prosecutors, judges jockey for U.S. attorney spot


Addendum -  It is sad to see that a member of the Senate Judiciary committee is criticizing nominees for positions at DOJ premised on their political or social leanings.  See David Ingram, BLT Blog, Sessions Gives Preview of Objections to DOJ Nominees

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It's even more disturbing to see a Senator who is a lawyer criticizing these nominees on the basis of the clients they represented or the arguments made in appeal briefs.

Posted by: Peter G | Feb 4, 2009 6:20:31 PM

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