Monday, January 5, 2009

The Changing of the Guard

Some are leaving DOJ, and certainly in the next few weeks we likely will see a good many more moving to the private side. (see here)  But there will also be a transition occurring from the private side to the public sphere. For one, Sujit M. Raman is moving from Hogan & Hartson to be part of Baltimore's USAttorney's Office. Raman has impressive credentials from his white collar defense work and his co-authored article on deferred prosecution agreements indicates that he is very aware of the recent developments in corporate prosecutions. (see Peter Spivack & Sujit Raman, Regulating the "New Regulators": Current Trends in Deferred Prosecution Agreements, 45 Amer. Crim. L.Rev. 159 (2008).  But I am most intrigued with the ending of this article where he states -

"Events from 2007 suggest that DPAs are very much on the rise, with prosecutors keen to flex their muscles as the New Regulators.  However, increased regulation, whether through internal DOJ guidelines or through congressional oversight, appears to be on the horizon and may well dampen their enthusiasm.  Only time will tell."


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