Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mukasey - Before You Hit the Road

Before he returns to the private sector, Attorney General Mukasay is being asked to answer questions related to the Ted Stevens case.

Mike Scarcella, in the BLT Blog, has an article titled, Federal Judge Orders Mukasey to Respond to Inquiry in Stevens Case One aspect of the matter pertains to a Motion to Dismiss filed by the defense in the Stevens case claiming that evidence may have been withheld by the prosecution. But a second tangential issue is also involved here, and that involves whether the prosecution properly apprised the court of information related to the witness who came forward with that evidence.  According to this blog post, the court is asking AG Mukasey to provide information here. It is interesting to see a judge making the head of the entire office answer a specific question on a particular case.  It kind of reminds one of the government asking the CEO of a major company to supply information about a specific employee within the company.  It's hard to complain about being asked to do something that they ask of others.  See also Erika Bolstad, Whistle-blower agent ID'd in Stevens case.


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