Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - What Will We See

What's Coming in 2009

The New Year delivers a variety of interesting cases and issues in the white collar crime field, and many unresolved issues from last year. What can we expect to see (in no particular order):   

  • confirmation hearing on Eric Holder
  • a new Attorney General with new policies and procedures
  • Madoff - investigation, prosecution (perhaps a plea), sentencing?
  • Blagojevich - will he be indicted and will it hold up?
  • Jeff Skilling - a judicial opinion
  • a re-evaluation of the merits of corporate criminal liability
  • an SEC with increased regulatory power
  • fraud as a new criminal law emphasis
  • more judges sentencing outside the confines of the sentencing guidelines

Obviously, there will be plenty more.  But I am confident that white collar crime will have a key focus in the upcoming year.  So stay tuned to this blog.  Your readership is appreciated and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.


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