Thursday, August 21, 2008

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Tom Fowler, Houston Chronicle, Former natural gas traders draw prison time for fraud (discussion of the jury rejecting a following orders argument by the defense)

Anita Lee, Sun, Minor denied release pending appeal

DOJ Press Release, Tennessee Technology Company Pleads Guilty to Arms Export Control Act Violations

Rob Olmstead, Chicago's Daily Herald,  Judge wants Des Plaines firm's president in person (prior to accepting deferred prosecution agreement)

Julie Kay, National Law Journal, Rising Miami Legal Star Agrees to Plea Bargain Involving Mail Fraud, Laundering Charges

Neil Lewis, NYTimes, Senator Fails in Effort to Move His Corruption Trial to Alaska

DOJ Press Release, Puerto Rico Governor, Senior Aide and Former Campaign Director Indicted on Wire Fraud and Money Laundering Charges


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deferred Prosecution Agreements - New Website

Professor Brandon L. Garrett and Jon Ashley of University of Virginia School of Law, have created a wonderful website of deferred prosecution agreements. It is here.  These agreements have not always been easy to find, and having this new database will certainly assist in this process.  The database also allows one the ability to sort by company, jurisdiction, and date.


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Monday, August 18, 2008

On the Mayor's Front

Some mayors across the United States seem to be tangling with local, state, or federal prosecutors. Check these out -

Knox County Mayor - Who should be handling an investigation of the Knox County Mayor? Local white collar crime unit recuses itself because they receive county funds. Editorial,, Probe of county mayor where it needs to be

Detroit - Looks like Jim Parkman, from Scrushy's first trial (see here) is no longer on Mayor Kilpatrick's team.  See Ben Schmitt, Detroit Free Press, Parkman no longer on Kilpatrick's legal team.   Also see Ben Schmitt and Joe Swickard, Detroit Free Press, Judge: Council can't proceed with hearing to oust Kilpatrick

Jackson, Mississippi -, Mayor's Trial Set for November - Melton, Bodyguards Charged in Civil Rights Case

Newark, New Jersey - John Martin & Jeff Whelan, New Jersey Star Ledger, Ex-Newark Mayor Sharpe James sentenced to 27 months

But it really is nothing new (see former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell here; Missouri here) (see also here Robert Hanley's discussion in the New York Times of several N.J. mayors being indicted).


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