Sunday, March 9, 2008

In The News

N.Y. Times - Raymond Hernandez, Countrywide Said to Be Subject of Federal Criminal Inquiry

LATimes - Jonathan Peterson, Mozilo Defends Cashing in Countrywide Stock

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is getting close scrutiny as a result of the release of text messages that are now being compared to prior testimony given by him.  (see background here)  The Detroit Free Press discusses this here, see also WoodTV.Com here.  Professor Peter Henning discusses in this last piece what possible charges could be used against the mayor and what effect charges might have on his political position.

WSJ Blog - Dan Slater - Pellicano Believes in Omerta; Prosecution Calls Ex-Diamondback


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Blagojevich & Obama: Two Names Mentioned During Rezko Trial

Chicago SunTimes - Rezko Lawyer: Don't Trust Key Witness

Chicago Tribune - Blagojevich's Name Surfaces Early in Case

It's kind of like being named the "enterprise" in a RICO case.  You can be perfectly legitimate, have committed no wrongdoing, and suddenly you find that someone has named you in the same sentence with someone allegedly committing criminality. RICO enterprises are often legitimate businesses.  But does the public really understand that the "enterprise" is not part of the criminality when this "enterprise" gets named in a RICO indictment?  One has to wonder if Blagojevich and Obama are feeling this same sting right now. 


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