Monday, December 15, 2008

Siemens AG & 3 Subsidiaries Plead

A DOJ press release is titled - Siemens AG and Three Subsidiaries Plead Guilty to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations and Agree to Pay $450 Million in Combined Criminal Fines - Coordinated Enforcement Actions by DOJ, SEC and German Authorities Result in Penalties of $1.6 Billion.  At a press conference called to announce this settlement, Acting Assistant Attorney General Friedrich stated:

"Under the terms of the plea agreement announced today, first, Siemens AG will plead guilty and has pled guilty to one count of failure to maintain internal controls and a one-count books and records violation.   In addition, three Siemens subsidiaries, those located in Bangladesh, Venezuela and Argentina, have pled guilty to conspiring to violate provisions of the FCPA. 

"Second, Siemens will pay a criminal fine to the United States in the amount of $450 million.   This is far and away the largest criminal fine in FCPA enforcement in U.S. history. 

"Third, Siemens will retain an independent monitor for a period of four years and will continue to implement enhanced controls."

With regard to this last point, the press release states that:

"Under the terms of the plea agreement, Siemens AG agreed to retain an independent compliance monitor for a four-year period to oversee the continued implementation and maintenance of a robust compliance program and to make reports to the company and the Department of Justice.  Siemens AG also agreed to continue fully cooperating with the Department in ongoing investigations of corrupt payments by company employees and agents."

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