Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In the News & Around the Blogosphere

Law.com (AP), Pellicano Gets 15 Years for Wiretapping Scheme

DOJ Press Release, California Executive Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Connection with Sales of Parts from China

DOJ Press Release, Former Executive of Soil Remediation Sub-Contractor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

DOJ Press Release, Former Head of Human Resources at KB Agrees to Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice in Connection with  Internal Investigation of Backdating of Stock Options

Doug Berman, Sentencing Law & Policy, A thoughtful and theory-driven exploration of a parsimonious white-collar sentence

Amanda Bronstad, National LJ, Lawyer seeks to invalidate plea deal for client in Broadcom case -Prosecutorial misconduct alleged



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