Monday, December 1, 2008

White Collar Prosecutions Continue to Drop

The August data from the TRAC Reporting System is out, and white collar prosecutions continue to decrease. From the previous month it is down -1.4, from a year ago -2.9, and from five years ago -19.5.  See here.

Interestingly, the statistics are not always decreasing when it comes to the number of convictions.  Although there has been a -6.3 drop from last month, for one year it is up .1 and for five years the conviction rate is up 2.7. See  here

According to the TRAC Reporting System, the top charge being used for white collar prosecutions is bank fraud and it is also the top crime listed for convictions.  It is not surprising to see the Fraud-Financial Institution area as being the highest area of those items included as white collar crimes. (see prior discussion here)

(esp) (w/ disclosure that she is a B.S. graduate of Syracuse U.- home of the Trac Reports).

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