Thursday, November 13, 2008

White Collar Crime Declinations - Do They Vary from District to District

Is it really possible that certain areas of the country decline more white collar prosecutions than other areas? The Resource Management of US Attorneys' Offices - US Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Audit Division issued an Audit Report dated November 2008. The Report provides some interesting numbers. Although there is no definition of white collar crime, to truly determine what is included and what is excluded from this category, the Audit Report provides a chart (Exhibit 4-5, p. 45) that shows that in 2003: 6100 white collar matters were filed, 4,575 were declined, and 1,533 were pending.  Contrast this with 2007: 3,324 were filed, 798 declined, and 7593 were pending. The bottom line - a lot less cases were filed and a lot less declined.

Later exhibits in this report discuss specific districts.  For example,  the Southern District of Florida declines only 10.01% of its white collar crime cases.  In contrast, the Southern District of West Virginia declines 41.27% of its white collar cases.  So does this mean that if you commit a white collar crime in Florida, you have a much greater chance of the charges going forward?

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