Sunday, November 30, 2008

MySpace Related Case - Will the Verdict Stand?

The MySpace related case, a first case of its kind raises issues as to whether contract terms can serve as the basis for a violation of the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act (18 U.S.C. s 1030). For background information and the indictment, see here. Although there has been a verdict (no felonies), it is likely this case will be reviewed. See Ashley Surdin, Wash. Post, Woman Guilty of Minor Charges for MySpace Hoax. Scott Glover, LA Times, My Space Case Goes to Los Angeles Federal Jury raises the issue of whether this verdict will remain.

For a discussion of some of the issues raised here, see Derek Kravitz, Wash. Post, 'MySpace Suicide' Case Expands Web Law; Jennifer Steinhauer, NYTimes, Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case.

(esp) (w/ a hat tip to Gerri Moohr & Tiffany M. Joslyn, Research Counsel at NACDL’s White Collar Crime Project )

Addendum, Doug Berman, Sentencing Law & Policy, Friday forum: What sentence would you impose on Lori Drew, the MySpace bullying defendant?

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