Thursday, November 20, 2008

More on the Ben Kuehne Case

Dan Slater has a wonderful piece on the importance of the Sixth Amendment's Right to Counsel and the implications to this right when the government proceeds criminally against legal counsel. See Dan Slater, Wall St Jrl, Scales of Justice: The Right to Counsel vs. the Need to Bar Tainted Legal Fees  The article speaks directly to the Ben Kuehne case.  For background see here and here. But I have to wonder about a statement at the end of the article that seems to imply that cases to PDs aren't increasing, so therefore lawyers aren't being skeptical about taking these cases. Could it perhaps be that there hasn't been an increase of drug cases to the PD's office because there has been such a strong focus by the FBI on terrorism and immigration, and a movement away from drug cases? Drug cases have declined and no longer hold the top priority that they did in past years. TRAC notes here in a September 2008 report:

"Ranked 3rd was "Drug Abuse Prevention + Control-Prohibited acts A" under Title 21 U.S.C Section 841. Title 21 U.S.C Section 841 was ranked 2nd a year ago, while it was the 1st most frequently invoked five years ago. It was ranked 1st ten years ago and 1st twenty years ago."

So perhaps lawyers are really being deterred from taking these cases, and the fact that PDs are not seeing a decrease in cases in their office is an indication of just that.


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