Sunday, November 23, 2008

In the News and Around the Blogosphere

FCPA Blog, Aibel Pleads Guilty; Wall Street Jrl, Marketwatch, Aibel Group Ltd. Pleads Guilty to Foreign Bribery and Agrees to Pay $4.2 Million in Criminal Fines

Corporate Crime Reporter, Former Enron Prosecutor Hueston Calls SEC Case Against Cuban Risky and Flimsy: Nicholas Rummell, Financial Week, Cuban charges not a slam dunk Viability of the SEC's insider trading case against mouthy billionaire hinges on definition of insider.

Adam Nossiter, NYTimes, New Twist in Appeal of Ex-Alabama Governor

Carrie Johnson, Washington Post, Mukasey Returns to Work After 'Fainting Spell'

Del Quentin Wilbur, Washington Post, Stevens Trial Witness Cries Foul -Ex-Veco Worker Says Prosecutors Improperly Steered Him

Michael Orey, Business Week, Lessons from Intel's Trade-Secret Case - A low-level former employee made off with valuable information by retaining access to company computers after starting a job with a competitor

Ramon Bracamontes, El Paso Times, $2.1 billion in contracts involved in FBI inquiry


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